Best fasting diet after thanksgiving

By | August 27, 2020

best fasting diet after thanksgiving

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Best fasting diet after thanksgiving join

Here are six tried and true steps to help you lighten up, and get those uncomfortably tight jeans feeling loose again. If, despite every intention of balance and moderation you completely overindulged on Thanksgiving, don’t panic. While a gluttonous yesterday may leave you feeling sluggish and heavy today, the truth is that a handful of simple strategies can help you undo the damage and get back on track fast. I know you may be tempted to just not eat, but skipping meals only forces your body to shift into conservation mode and burn fewer calories. Skipping can also make you more likely to hang onto any fat you’ve gained, rather than letting it go. Steady meals, on the other hand, maximize metabolism, and help regulate blood sugar and insulin levels, as well as hunger hormones. Try to eat breakfast within an hour of waking up, and eat your remaining meals three to five hours apart. Also, consider selecting a day’s worth of clean go-to meals to repeat for a few days. Your body loves consistency, so after it’s been thrown out of whack, repetition and regularity can go a long way in restoring balance. Rather than drastically cutting calories, make non-starchy vegetables the focus of your meals, paired with lean protein, a bit of good-for-you fat, and small portions of healthy, slow-burning starch.

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