Diabetic diet how much sugar in yogurt

By | July 4, 2020

diabetic diet how much sugar in yogurt

Overwhelmed by all the yogurt options at the grocery store? Yogurt has a place in a healthy diet — but if you have diabetes, you have to choose wisely. Even seemingly innocent fruit-on-the-bottom varieties can really be desserts in disguise. To make sure you pick a healthy one, be a stickler about inspecting the nutritional facts, Gandhi says. And while plain full-fat yogurt can make a healthy snack, people with diabetes are better off reaching for the nonfat variety, Namolik says. Greek yogurt is generally a better option than regular because it has fewer carbohydrates and less sugar, which is something people with diabetes should always look for. The protein count makes Greek yogurt a good follow-up to strength training. Your best bet is to choose a plain Greek yogurt, which usually has fewer than 7 grams of sugar, Gandhi says. Not a fan of the thick consistency of Icelandic and Greek yogurt? Try a whipped Greek yogurt instead.

Protein-packed, low-fat Greek yogurt can be a good choice for people following a diabetes diet plan. Here’s why. Smooth, creamy, thick — Greek yogurt is one of the hottest foods around, and its popularity shows no signs of abating. With a pudding-like texture and a slightly tart flavor, Greek yogurt also has more protein and fewer carbs and fewer sugars than traditional yogurt. Greek yogurt’s thick consistency comes from straining it to remove liquid whey. This process increases the amount of protein per serving and removes some of the carbohydrates, which people with diabetes must watch carefully. The increased protein can also help you feel that you’ve had a more substantial snack, so you’ll feel more satisfied and won’t be hungry for something else quite so quickly. And starting your day with Greek yogurt may even help you manage your blood sugar throughout the day. Eating low-GI foods for breakfast helps prevent blood-sugar spikes later on, one recent study found. Of course, not all Greek yogurts are created equal. With many brands and flavors on the market, it’s important to read nutrition labels carefully to find one that will work with a diabetes-friendly diet.

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