German shepherd grain free diet

By | December 21, 2020

german shepherd grain free diet

Known as GSD for short, this breed looks incredibly beautiful, thanks to their thick, black-and-tan coats. Also, it is one of the smartest and most hardworking dog breeds. If you have had the privilege of owning a German Shepherd, you may have noticed that he does not like to laze around your home. Instead, he prefers physical exercise, mentally-stimulating activities and a bit of human interaction. Aside from being intelligent, German Shepherds are a huge dog. On average, they stand between 22 and 26 inches tall and can weigh anything between 50 and 90 pounds. As a result, they require plenty of calories to keep up with their athletic stature.

We all want the best for our German Shepherds. Unfortunately, the breed is known for sensitive stomachs and skin allergies. Finding a dog food to best fit their diet may be more difficult than expected. Not to worry, this guide breaks down all you need to know about properly feeding your German Shepherd! Please remember, we are not veterinarians with expert knowledge, so please consult with your vet for definitive answers to your feeding questions. Instinct 4. Holistic Select 3. Blue Buffalo 2. Wellness Complete Health 1. Wellness CORE.

Senior dog food is a good formula to feed your German Shepherd when he begins to slow down. Cons Compared to other dog foods in our review, the Royal Canin is pricey. When asked via chat, a company spokesperson offered the following. May I ask what food your GSD is eating? I have an 18 mo. Dry kibble may not be the best food for senior dogs who have trouble eating the hard morsels. Is there too much protein for an adult? The issue increases in severity as the dog gains weight. JPost Premium. But I think the Cage-Free Turkey range is great to keep this in check. Now you know what to look for in grain-free dog foods.

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