Is there frutose in diet drinks

By | December 3, 2020

is there frutose in diet drinks

High-Fructose Corn Syrup. Diet Coke. Does diet coke have high fructose corn syrup? If so, is it necessary for it to have it? Ad by ottonova. How can you skip paperwork when getting German health insurance? Learn everything about digital services for your health and get top-notch coverage. Lisa Beccia. Related Questions. More Answers Below. Since corn is a fruit and fruits are healthy, then doesn’t that mean high-fructose corn syrup should become part of our daily diet?

Soft drinks are popular for a reason — they’re bubbly, refreshing and a quick solution for that mid-afternoon sweet tooth. But they can also be full of empty calories that could sabotage your health goals. Soda without high fructose corn syrup might be a better option. Diet drinks with zero calories, such as Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi and Coke Zero, all contain artificial sweeteners instead of fructose. It’s what gives your drink a sweet taste, but it’s also what accounts for the majority of their calorie load. Fructose is naturally occurring in lower quantities in fruits and some vegetables. In whole foods, it’s combined with fiber, vitamins and minerals to balance out the sugar content, but in HFCS, the pure fructose provides no real health benefits. Instead, it converts very quickly into sugar in the bloodstream, spiking your blood sugar and creating the unfortunate “sugar crash” you sometimes get after consuming sweets. Certain types of soda without HFCS are marketed as being healthier than their traditional counterparts. While they may have fewer calories, they’re not always an ideal option because of the other added ingredients. To find out if your soda contains fructose, there’s an easy solution — check the label and ingredients list.

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