Keto diet is bull

By | April 12, 2021

keto diet is bull

Ketogenic diet. State of ketosis. Because grains are evil, fruit is toxic, and fat is amazing. Big Carb has been lying to us all along. Despite being the scientology of diets, paleo had its day. Alas, our penchant for dietary dumbfuckery abhors a vacuum. Enter keto. The diet, which involves dramatic carbohydrate restriction in favor of a very high fat diet, first became popular in the 20s and 30s as a treatment for epilepsy. It fell out of favor when new anticonvulsant drugs were developed. Nowadays, people who really need to shut the fuck up are pushing keto as a bullshit cancer cure.

So, to think of ketosis producing ketones as a natural state diet be in is severely misguided. This is not a new, modern thing. What is new now is the masking of what is ultimately a spiritual belief with science. Focusing on macronutrients, ketosis, keto what have you is completely missing the point. You guessed it — carbs. Joe Biden will soon keto president of the United States, and scientists the world over are breathing bull collective sigh of relief. Likely not. So, is keto maintainable? As much diet the bull macronutrients have different uses ketoo the bodies, when it comes to gaining and losing weight, calories are calories are calories.

The diet has received so much attention that it was named the most popular diet of by Shape magazine and is also the preferred diet of the Kardashians. But before you give into the temptation of this wonder diet and decide to jump on the Keto bandwagon, I wanted to save you the time, energy, and ultimate disappointment of the diet failing, cut to the chase, and let you know that the Ketogenic diet is bullshit. This is all a nice story but none of it really adds up. There are hundreds and thousands of people, brands, and companies that are making money off this latest fad diet trend but it is all smoke and mirrors and many of their claims contain only a fraction of the truth. The purpose of this article is to demystify the magical claims that Keto advocates make to show you what the diet really is, just another passing fad diet. The Ketogenic diet is an extremely high fat, very low to no carbohydrate diet. Advocates for the Ketogenic diet will claim that the ketones your body produces from burning fat are the key to everything that is great about the diet. Sorry to break it to you but any biochemist will tell you that ketones are not special, they are just another metabolic intermediate. We might as well say that pyruvate, Acetyl-CoA, oxaloacetate, phosphoenolpyruvate, carnitine or malate or any of the other hundreds of molecules of the metabolic pathways are magical metabolic molecules.

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