Ketogenic diet for testosterone

By | April 14, 2021

ketogenic diet for testosterone

Going keto is all about change. Changing your diet. Changing your metabolism. Even changing your hormones. Take the hormone testosterone. Testosterone T is known as the male sex hormone—but females have a fair bit of it too. Men, in particular, rely on testosterone to burn fat, build muscle, grow bone, and stay sexually healthy. Read on. Testosterone is a steroid hormone—a chemical messenger that gives orders to your cells.

There are so many men, of all different ages and backgrounds that struggle with a condition known as low testosterone, or low T. Suffering from low testosterone can impact everything from your weight and your mood to your sex drive. Low testosterone is a serious condition and one that can significantly change your quality of life. This is why it is crucial to get an official diagnosis for low T and make sure you are aware of the different treatment options out there that can help you overcome this condition. While there is no end to the different lifestyle changes that men consider when looking to increase their testosterone, one of the many solutions that men are looking into now is the Keto diet. This diet has been a popular staple for all types of men and women in recent years, as it is all about facilitating change in the body. Keto not only changes your metabolism, but it can change your hormones as well. The first thing to understand about testosterone is that it is a steroid hormone that sends messages to your cells. More specifically, in men, testosterone helps with growing bone and muscle cells and burning fatty acids in the blood. Men have about 15x as much testosterone in their bodies compared to females as it helps with functions such as sperm production. There are so many things that can impact testosterone production, including age, genetics, and environment. Some of the most significant lifestyle factors that can impact sleep include sleep, exercise, and, of course, diet.

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Help and FAQs. Feefo 4. Dr Emil Hodzovic explains more about the theory behind how a ketogenic diet may affect testosterone levels. The ketogenic diet has a number of claims associated with it from controlling hunger [1] and melting body fat to increased cognition and focus, and it was actually initially used to successfully improve symptoms of epilepsy [2]. However, you may not have heard that there is some evidence that it can boost your testosterone levels as well [3,4]. The goal is to force the body to start using fat as fuel by starving it of carbohydrates. Most of these benefits stem from the fact that the body produces and uses ketone bodies as fuel instead of glucose.

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