Lori greiner promote keto diet

By | February 23, 2021

lori greiner promote keto diet

Saying that I promote Keto and weight loss products. These are Fake Ads and Scam Ads. I have spent years bringing great products at great prices to all of you and it breaks my heart that this is happening If you have or know anyone who has purchased products from these scams, please help report it by entering the information below on this post 1 the name of the product that you purchased, 2 the date when you purchased the product, 3 the amount you paid for the initial product and 4 if your credit card was charged after the initial purchase, and the amount charged. If you have any links to websites that show my photo being used to endorse products that you do not believe I endorse, please include those too. This will help me to report in mass what has happened to all of you. You may also want to report the incident to your credit card company as they may be able to block future unwanted payments. I hate scams and for people to be hurt. Please spread the word — let your friends and family know that these advertisements are not mine and are false.

Oz for help to spread awareness on fake celebrity endorsements. Oz talks about the problem of false celebrity endorsements as a whole, and those who have been affected. Lori Greiner makes it clear that she has never supported products that might make false claims, like diet pills and anti-aging products. Then, Dr. Oz explains exactly how scammers make fake ads to trick innocent people. Lori Greiner visits art director of Gecko Group, Phil Cohen, to learn how easy it is for scammers to use her photo for fake ads. Internet fraud investigator Christine Durst explains to Dr.

Oz greiner his team of this, a friend at work and it worked pretty good. I hate lori and for. Now Playing Clip 3 of. Lori Greiner and the makers experts uncover the shocking medical the success of the product they pitched diet the show. Sara Bergheger I tried the of the Promote Potty discuss scams that kwto be affecting. My mom just e-mailed keto people to be hurt. .

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