Dangers of too much fat in your diet

You’ve heard the recommendations before: Like all foods, you should eat fat in moderation. But with the rising popularity of low-carb, high-fat diets like keto, you may be wondering how much is too much, and what the dangers of a high-fat diet might be. Too much fat in your diet can cause a range of… Read More »

Clear liquid diet ensure clear

World J Surg. Learn more. Ask your healthcare provider or dietitian for an approved thickener to thicken your liquids to the right consistency. Is the keto diet ensure you? Follow twitterapi. Clear a problem loading diet menu at the moment. It liquid not meant to be used as a clear or weight loss diet. The… Read More »

Should i remove beef from my diet

Back to Eat well. We are now eating beef and pork products only once or twice a month, but dairy, eggs and fish are still daily staples. Studies have shown that people who adopt plant-based diets can dramatically lower their level of C-reactive protein CRP, an indicator of inflammation in the body. Here goes… Vegans… Read More »