Paleo diet and zinc

By | May 31, 2021

paleo diet and zinc

Many in the Paleosphere are familiar with the essential mineral zinc. However, they may not know much about it beyond its name. They may correlate it to the scientific periodic table of the elements, or in helping with the common cold. For all of the above-listed reasons, as well as its involvement in numerous aspects of cell metabolism, deficiency in this mineral can be very problematic. It is therefore vital that you obtain enough into your daily diet. Why Is Having Enough Important? Nearly 2 billion people in the world are deficient 5. Struggling to lose weight? Unable to focus?

Zinc is a crucial mineral that is found in every cell in the body. It’s involved with growth, cell division, the immune system, bones and teeth, skin, the brain, the nervous system not to mention hormones — and yet over a third of people appear to be deficient in the Western world! Those deficient in zinc may also find their sense of taste and smell affected, which isn’t great when you want to explore lots of new foods on your Paleo diet! There are lots of great natural, Paleo food sources of zinc. Oysters are one of the best sources, but red meat and seafood especially crab will also keep your zinc levels topped up. Of course, supplementing is always an option, but always try to get sufficient levels from natural food sources first. Several things can inhibit your bodies ability to absorb zinc, particularly phytates found in grains and legumes — yet another reason to stick to a Paleo diet and avoid processed neolithic foods! Have you had your zinc levels checked? How did they fair?

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Diet and zinc paleo

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