Soft foods diet after oral surgery

By | May 24, 2021

soft foods diet after oral surgery

The hardest part of getting your wisdom tooth removal isn’t the surgery. It isn’t even trying to come out of the anesthetic without anyone filming an embarrassing moment. After all, you have to completely change your food diet. We’ve put together this list of soft foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal or another type of oral surgery to help you through the recovery process. If you’re wondering what food after wisdom teeth removal to eat Post operative or any type of oral surgery, you should stick to soft foods that are easy to chew. And this food may need to be softer then you think. Remember, your mouth will feel sore and sensitive after your extraction. Something like bread, which may seem soft, can be difficult to chew. Trying to eat solid food that are too hard won’t just hurt, it will also slow down your healing time—and it could potentially become a choking hazard. You may even make your injury worse by eating solid foods.

Brand Logo. However, as you start to be able to chew more food, you can try other styles. But, as I learned, not all soups are enjoyable after oral surgery. I’m a huge fan of chicken and other lean proteins, but you’ll notice they’re nowhere on this list. Make sure you click here to get in touch with us today! Whatever you do, don’t stop eating after oral surgery. For breakfast, try soft scrambled eggs with a scoop of cottage cheese on the side. If you simply can’t stomach another serving of eggs, instant oatmeal can be a good option for breakfast. Yogurt, especially Greek yogurt, is packed full of protein. The first thought that popped into my head after my dentist told me he needed to remove seven of my teeth—yes, seven Remember, you won’t be able to chew, so shred it into thin pieces before you eat it or add it to your meal.

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The first thought that popped into my head after my dentist told me he needed to remove seven of my teeth—yes, seven My first thought was, “Well, maybe this is the juice cleanse I never wanted to do. For most common oral surgeries—wisdom teeth removal, impacted teeth removal, or even an impacted root canal—you’ll be able to slowly start reintroducing most crunchy, fibrous foods back into your routine around one week post operation. Count yourself lucky. But, if you’re like me, a complicated case with multiple impacted teeth being removed at once, you could have to eat liquid or soft foods for up to 6 weeks. As I write this, I’ve been eating soft foods for three weeks, and I’m at least looking at another two weeks before I can chew normally again. Sorry if this is TMI, but I’m suffering from a perforated sinus, a dilemma where I can’t sneeze, cough, chew, or spit for an entire month. A word to the wise: don’t fret over your diet right now. You’re healing from a major surgery no matter how common extractions have become, and recovery can be long and complicated. This might be the one time I say this as an editor at Cooking Light, but avoid nutrition labels and calorie counts for now—focus on nourishing your body the best you can while it works to get healthy again. I’ve tried at least 40 different grocery items over the last three weeks, sometimes finding a new way to enjoy a soft meal—but mostly failing miserably.

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