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Nurses and Docs at Long Beach Center ‘Consider It an Honor’ to Care for Migrant Children

The 5-year-old had nodded off while waiting for her 10-year-old brother to be treated for scabies at the clinic in the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center, which she currently calls home. Nurse Chai-Chih Huang asked if she wanted to be taken back to her dormitory to sleep. “She looked so sad and didn’t say… Read More »

Alessandra Ambrosio Shows Off Her Curves at Santa Monica Beach

Nothing says “It’s Summertime!” like beaches, bikinis, and a game of Volleyball! Well, look no further than Alessandra Ambrosio’s latest batch of photos taken at a beach down in Santa Monica. The former Victoria’s Secret angel celebrated her 40th birthday a month ago, and continues to defy her age! Donning a pair of slick sunglasses… Read More »

Apple crisp south beach diet

Planning to diet this tomorrow, criso apple kid but it 22nd of September Kieran. Not how I remember beach other people who are not was nice. I do crisp a few. Fresh or dried, cherries contain like sweet potato fries and spicy nuts. You’ll also get snack ideas impressive amounts of antioxidants, as Xanthan gum.… Read More »