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“Blood test finds 50 types of cancer” – we’ve been down this path before

Shoddy, incomplete, fawning news coverage of screening tests is one of the most clearly established problems in health news coverage – something HealthNewsReview.org has revealed countless times over the past 15 years. A public relations news release 22 days ago – from “a healthcare company whose mission is to detect cancer early” – touted study… Read More »

German scientists claim to have finally cracked the vaccine blood clot puzzle

The coronavirus vaccine rollout in the UK has been vaunted and for good reason – it appears to be ushering in the end of the pandemic in Britain. However, AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson have been back into the fray this week after reports emerged of two fatalities linked to a rare blood clot disorder… Read More »

Paleo diet blood nitrogen bun

I diet people to understand the difference between local, fresh whole foods, and the factory-made, artificially-flavoured, nutritional garbage that the industrial food nitrogen fill our supermarkets with. I blood never had my renal nitrogen checked because it was never paleo concern until family members mentioned started having problems. Statins are bun to lower cholesterol. Roberto,… Read More »

Vegan diet and blood clots

ScienceDaily, 15 February Obesity Silver Spring ; 24 — Am J Cardiol. Vegans’ elevated heart risk requires omega-3s and B12, study suggests. In multiple studies, obesity has been found to be associated with a significantly increased risk of atrial fibrillation, in part due to morphological cardiac changes, including left ventricular structural abnormalities and left atrial… Read More »