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Ketogenic diet causing ketoacidosis

The ketogenic diet KD is a high-fat, adequate-protein, and low-carbohydrate diet that leads to nutritional ketosis and weight loss. It is known to induce ketosis but is not an established cause of clinically significant ketoacidosis. Lactation ketoacidosis is well established in bovine literature but remains a rare phenomenon in humans. Here we present a life-threatening… Read More »

Pritikin diet vs ketogenic diet

When it comes to losing weight, both plans can help you shed pounds, especially at first. This will be highly beneficial in all diet diseases of high insulin metabolic syndrome. I diet completely agree with Denise. Functional medicine is a real paradigm shift in the practice of health care. It also differentiates it with the… Read More »

Ketogenic diet for migraine pdf

The global prevalence of migraine as a primary headache has been estimated as Extensive research has been conducted in order to clarify the pathological mechanisms of migraine. Although uncertainties remains, it has been indicated that vascular dysfunction, cortical spreading depression CSD, activation of the trigeminovascular pathway, pro-inflammatory and oxidative state may play a putative role… Read More »

Ketogenic diet effects on glucose

Effects of low-carbohydrate ketogenic v et al. In a study by Leibel. Most, but not all, studies find that ketogenic diets help the easy monitoring of Effects other glucose and help people with diabetes type 1 or the more common type 2. A new tool, the breath acetone sensor, will hopefully allow people lose more… Read More »