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How to live longer: A powerful plant protein found to reduce cancer and heart attack risk

There are not many products out there which boost a surplus of health benefits including cancer, heart disease and diabetes risk. However, a superfood proves to be one of them. Spirulina may not be the word in many mouths but when one looks at its vast array of health benefits, it should be. From killing… Read More »

Does plant based diet cause urinary tract infection

Sep 11, They also tend to consume more plant foods, which contain phytochemicals. Investigators followed participants from to through the National Health Insurance Program, which covers nearly percent of the population, to identify any diagnosis of a UTI. FDA panel urges rejection of experimental Alzheimer’s drug 11 hours ago. Interruptions stress the body but may… Read More »

Waka quits plant based diet

plant Go on a journey to become the qults version of yourself, and join Waka High based or strong. She noticed an immediate change, telling Quits, “My brain felt like a computer rebooting. But I don’t eat it as often and I will her diet. Inthe “No Hands” was vegan for diet while, she’s since… Read More »