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How to live longer: A powerful plant protein found to reduce cancer and heart attack risk

There are not many products out there which boost a surplus of health benefits including cancer, heart disease and diabetes risk. However, a superfood proves to be one of them. Spirulina may not be the word in many mouths but when one looks at its vast array of health benefits, it should be. From killing… Read More »

Low carb high protein diet menu

You want to lose weight? A low-carb, high-protein diet is a classic method to get there. The logic is simple: Eat fewer carbs, consume fewer calories. And when you simultaneously keep the protein intake high, you’ll feel fuller, longer. But while some people benefit from limiting their carb intake—say, you have trouble controlling your blood… Read More »

Can high protein diet cause proteinuria

Energy diet Fat grams Can Soluble or insoluble? Long-term consequence of nephrectomy. J Biol Chem. Changes high renal function during weight loss induced by high vs low-protein low-fat pproteinuria in overweight subjects. J Ren Nutr. As a result, findings from these investigations should not be used as a basis for dietary recommendations for humans. These… Read More »