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How often should liquid diet be taken

Sticking duet a liquid diet until the whould have closed will allow your mouth to heal and prevent food bits from getting stuck in openings and causing infection. Often your liquid prescribes a clear liquid diet before a medical ho, be sure to follow the diet instructions exactly. Hiatal Hernia Surgery: Overview. Stick to only… Read More »

Should we consume less meat in our diets

The average American may not have considered the connection between global warming and a cheeseburger, but the United Nations has. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization FAO released a report in February of this year, concluding that livestock is responsible for 18 percent of our world global warming emissions. By contrast, switching from a Toyota… Read More »

Should i diet on vacation

The Joy of Eating Blog by dietitian Rachael Hartley is your online resource for fresh and creative recipes and intuitive eating and non-diet support. My lovely part time dietitian Kate is popping in today to share some times for letting go of food and diet rules on vacation, and some food highlights from a recent… Read More »

Should i remove beef from my diet

Back to Eat well. We are now eating beef and pork products only once or twice a month, but dairy, eggs and fish are still daily staples. Studies have shown that people who adopt plant-based diets can dramatically lower their level of C-reactive protein CRP, an indicator of inflammation in the body. Here goes… Vegans… Read More »