What should baby diet be at 12 months

By | August 17, 2020

what should baby diet be at 12 months

Vitamins for children. As she crawls about and explores, germs can spread from her hands to her mouth. Protein foods. This could lead to overeating as she grows up. The following ideas will get you started. Weaning Getting ready Ready or not? As your baby grows, her stomach also grows and she can eat more food with each meal.

You might also like. Power your child’s brain and body with these quick, nutritious and affordable recipes. Some kids don’t like cows milk at first because it’s different from the breast milk or formula they’re used to.

Vegetable- masoor dal red lentil pulao with coconut curry. References BNF. We use your health information to make our site even more helpful. Try to introduce only one new food at a time so you can quickly spot an adverse reaction. Boiled sweet potato. Image zoom. Encourage him to finish it and make sure he has had enough.

This food group includes meat, fish, eggs, beans and pulses and is suitable from around six months. Paneer cottage cheese cubes with honey or chaat masala. World Health Organisation, fact sheet Sattu barley ladoo. Sweet drinks like squash, fizzy drinks, milkshakes and fruit juice can have lots of sugar so avoid these to help prevent tooth decay — even baby and toddler drinks can be sugary. Start as soon as he wants. Get the latest advice about coronavirus. She can chew her food as well as you can, so she can eat the same foods as the rest of the family. Doodh poha with chopped apple. Lunch and tea can include a main course and a pudding such as fruit or unsweetened yoghurt.

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