Will 2 tortilla chips hurt your keto diet?

By | May 19, 2021

will 2 tortilla chips hurt your keto diet?

Pin it Follow us When I first made my keto tortillas I found the dough hard to roll as it kept tearing apart. I don’t give up and I kept adjusting the recipe. Using whole psyllium husks and ground chia seeds and leaving the dough to rest for at least half an hour helped making it very flexible. You can roll the dough out until paper thin without it tearing apart. This dough is versatile: you can make tortillas, tortilla bowls, taco shells and nachos — all from the same dough! The only difference is the cooking style — some are made in the oven, some on a pan.

Hi Karon, yes you can use psyllium husk powder too. See the options below the list of ingredients. I used Psyllium powder since that is what I had, cut the amount in half, and they still came out great. You can freeze the cooked tortillas just put a piece of parchment paper in between the tortillas, or you can freeze the dough in batches kept in a freezer bag. You can also follow this recipe if you prefer to make them in the oven. I have the odd hormonal blip and recover quickly but this last couple of weeks have been grim! I rarely get into ketosis and wish I could but at least this works and I know how to get back. Flax seeds don’t absorb as much water as psyllium and chia seeds are also quite different. Each food is so carb-rich that it can rapidly increase blood sugar and insulin levels, shifting your body from burning fat and ketones to prioritizing sugar use. Since you used golden flax, my guess is that psyllium is responsible for the colour. You are a saint.

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Although carbohydrates have been on an image-rehab campaign for quite some time, myths remain, and old habits die hard. If you’ve bought into too many of them, you’re seriously stifling your weight-loss progress. To make sure you’re consuming the right carbs, from the right sources, in the right amounts, and for the right reasons, these are the worst carb habits anyone can fall into you’ll want to avoid, and what you should do instead. Spanish researchers found that eating a low-carb, high-protein diet can cause weight gain in the long term. Simply put: You need carbs to burn body fat. They’re fuel. You need that fuel so that you can have an awesome metabolism!

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